"Will you be my Valentine?" || Happy Valentines day! || ♥♥♥
kyoshi-chan has entered the premises


“Eh? Well, hello there.”


"A-Ah! H-Hello there!"

• // ( D R A B B L E S )
• Date : My character will take yours out on a date for breakfast/lunch/dinner, or vise versa. Specify.
• Sleep : My character needs to stay at your character's house for the night, or vise versa. Specify. ( you can add any other special things that could happen ! )
• Drink : My character will call, text, or show up at your character's house drunk. Specify which of the three.
• Save : My character will save yours in a crisis, or vise versa. Specify.
• Heal : My character will tend to your character's wounds, or be at their side when they're sick.
• Confess : My character will speak their true feelings about your character. ( or about a topic. You may choose. )
• Death : My character's reaction to your character dying.
• Time : My character is running late! They are supposed to meet your character at ___________ . ( Fill in the blank ) or vise versa. Specify.
• Protect : My character keeps yours safe from harm.
• Kiss : My character kisses yours. ( Be is accident or purpose. ) or vise versa. Specify.
• Lust : My character jumps on yours with sexual intentions. Or vise versa. Specify.
• Dream : My character wakes up in the middle of the night because of a dream with your character.
• Run! : My character is chasing your character( or vise versa) OR both characters are being chased by ___________. ( fill in the blank )
• Sky : Our characters are stargazing.
• Help : My character requests help from your character ( be something silly or serious, you may decide. )
• Gift : My character gives your character something special. Or vise versa. Specify.



there could be a ghost aggressively breakdancing beside you right now and you’d have no idea


(Sorry for my absense! Drama happened in my life, does anyone still check out this blog anymore? ;_; )